Lens Village Circle Lenses

Lens Village Package
 So awhile back I was contacted by the people at lens village  to review some of their circle lenses. Just deciding which ones to get was such a task too. There are so many options to decide from, and you can pick based on color, size, and even brand. I swear I spent no less than an hour just trying to narrow my favorites down. In the end though I did pick some and went with the Green Apple Bambi Series Lenses as well as the Sugar Candy Aqua Circle Lenses. If you click on those links, you'll be redirected to the full review over each lens set, for my full opinion. I do want to talk about shipping though. Of course Lens Village gives you a tracking number so you can know exactly where you package is. Mine took about two weeks to arrive, and inside a bubble wrapped package was what you see on the table. Four vials that the lenses came in, as well as containers, that are actually the correct color for the lenses, making them a whole lot easier to use.

 Below are pictures of me wearing the lenses, and I have to say that I love them. They are quite huge, since that's what I normally like to go for, but somehow they still look natural. I love the look they create on me, because by enlarging my eyes they also seem to do other things for my face. Like somehow my eyebrows don't look nearly so bad, my face looks narrower and my nose looks absolutely tiny. I saw a television show about becoming "dolly" and I think a pair of circle lenses would be a big step in that direction. Each of the pictures, is me just with the circle lenses on and straightened hair. No makeup at all, although I think a wide liquid eyeliner line would look fantastic, and putting a white liner on my lower lashes would be quite nice too. Oh and those false lashes I reviewed might make for a nice addition as well. 

wearing Grey Circle lenses

big green eyes
Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses on

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