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SammyDress items
As you may have noticed I've been writing about a few items for SammyDress lately. I was contacted by them a few months ago, and didn't know anything about them, and when I looked at their online shop I was surprised at everything I saw. I mean, Sammydress has everything from plush toys, like Pokemon, to small home decor, pet items like leashes and dog socks, lots of beauty items like makeup brushes huge pallets of makeup and twizzers. Of course this doesn't mean they lack the normal clothing store items, lots of shoes, shorts and of course dresses. The best part though is that everything is so inexpensive, I mean how often do you see a shirt going for $5. Plus a lot of their items have free shipping.

Brown Satin Dress- The first thing that I picked out on the SammyDress was the satin dress in with a gold top and dark brown bottom that's in the lower left hand picture, or really collage of pictures. The fit on this dress is amazing, and the design, with or without the belt. I was quite happy with the quality.

Red Lips T-Shirt -  Second on my list was this t-shirt. I was looking for another clothing piece from the free shipping section (although shipping really isn't that much so it wouldn't have been a big deal) and then I saw this. Its the perfect long sleeve girly shirt. With a pair of denim jeans or shorts it looks great. 

Beginner Nail Kit - Since I had a few extra dollars, I decided to look around at some of their beauty items, and came across this this nail kit for beginners. I've been wanting something like it for so long, and couldn't believe how cheap it was at SammyDress.

False Eyelashes with Glue - The last thing I added to my shopping cart was the False Eyelash kit. I've always wanted to increase my eyelash length, but couldn't find the perfect everyday pair, until I saw these. The band isn't huge the lashes look natural and they're so easy to apply.

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