Habitat for Humanity Soup Bowl + Walmart

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 This morning, I can't really say that I did much. I woke up pretty late, and did a little bit here on my blog. Then I looked at my physics book, and tried studying, which is something I really need to get on because my test is on Wednesday and I have a long way to go before I'm ready for that. Afterwards I started getting ready to go to the Habitat for Humanity Soup bowl. I didn't do very much at all, really just used the Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray but somehow I look so different today than I do most of the time, and I can't say I like it. My face seems to be getting fatter. Hopefully this motivates me to start working out and eating healthier. Back to my day though, so we went to the fairgrounds where the Soup Bowl was held, and even though we were there earlier, we still had to make our own parking space, and a line was already forming.

Going inside the line for buying tickets was actually really short, so I think that very few people must wait until then to buy their tickets. The first thing when we did was pick out our bowl, and there were so many to pick from. I tried to get a picture of the full table but only ended up getting about half it. As you might be able to tell by the bowls, they're very nice looking, not just something that a mother would keep around if her child made it. At the end of the line was a station for getting your bowl washed as well as to get your spoon and napkin before we headed to pick our soup. There were maybe six different choices to decide from for the soup and I had bacon something or another. Then we picked out our bread, mine a breadstick and went to the dessert table where I got a banana bread with icing, and the drink area where there wasn't much selection so I got a bottled water. My soup ended up being very good and afterwards we looked at the things that were for auction. Some of the pottery was fantastic, and there were also gift basket sort of things. For $20 I'd say it was a pretty good thing.
Habitat for Humanity fundraiser
Afterwards though I went to Walmart to get some more hair products for my natural hair since it was on the way home. By that time I had to go the bathroom pretty bad even though I didn't really want to go in Walmart's bathroom. I was surprised though by how clean it was but everything looked so old, and then I saw the hand dryer. It wasn't even worth using. So little, so terrible. Afterwards I had to take another ridiculous computer programing test
drier picture in walmart

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