Food Photos: Half Priced Pizza

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I feel like I go long times in-between my food photo posts and then do quite a few of them, which is exactly what I'm doing today so… The first food item that I'm showing you is a piece of half priced pizza that I ate at school. I also had this same exact pepperoni and bacon half priced pizza again, yesterday we ate it there instead of at school. Both times it was really good, the cheese on it especially but a little greasy. I have a feeling that's from putting two very greasy meats on it though.

On the top right is a picture of dinner I had who knows how long ago that of course my mother made. Peeled off chicken pieces with ranch dressing for a dipping sauce mashed potatoes and tomatoes and asparagus. My favorite part for sure was the asparagus which is quickly becoming my favorite vegetable. 

Down one is a dessert that I had. Greek Yogurt with blueberries mixed in. For some reason I have a big obsession with eating sweet foods, I don't think I'm alone in that. I try though to make it at least semi healthy things like this when I can.

On the bottom right is something that isn't that good for me but what I do like to make myself for dinner, macaroni and cheese. I did have a salad with lots of spinach as well so I think that makes up for it. As long as you ignore the fact that my salad has about a gallon of ranch dressing on it.

One of my vending machine treats, that I've been trying to switch over to is bottled water. I don't really care what brand it is, but I figure if I'm drinking this at school it not only keeps me hydrated but also keeps me from eating so many real vending machine treats.

Last on the far left and bottom is another dinner I had pork with ketchup because you can't be having that with ranch dressing. Broccoli my second favorite vegetable, and mashed sweet potatoes. I'm sure this dinner had a lot of calories but it was pretty good. 

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