Food Photos: Another Olive Garden Dinner

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Since I've already talked about olive garden twice and did this same kind of three course meal before, I decided this time around I could just do it in the food photo kind of way, I mean I can't go around reblogging the same sort of things all the time. For starters the wait was really long, like forty five minutes, and for most of it we were sitting outside because all the inside places were taken, which was freezing. That of course isn't anyone's fault except maybe ours for going on a friday night at dinner time. When we came in, we were in the very loud main area but it wasn't too bad. The waitress quickly brought out our salad and breadsticks and when I went to undo my napkin I noticed how dirty the utensils looked. They weren't actually dirty but rather that way from using hard water which gives them that grimy look and feel. 

The bread sticks and salad were very good though, and then they brought out my garlic fettuccine Alfredo which was very good. It even had little garlic pieces around it, which I dodged. Since I was able to pick a dessert as part of the meal I went with this chocolate mousse, and it was perfect, except for the fact that its going against my spring break goals. I only wish that I would have thought to split the mean because even now hours later I'm stuffed. 

The  random picture at the top is of vending machine sausage that I got. It actually ended up giving me two so I saved one for my dad. I didn't particularly like them so after the first one the second was more like a chore. 

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