Face Photos: There are so many of just me

these are pictures lei
So I was clearing out my phone for different types of posts like what I eat and random things, and noticed that I had a huge amount, close to 100 photos. That may not seem like a lot for other people but since I photo dump here almost daily it is for me. Then I started looking and saw that a whole lot of my photos were just pictures of my face. If you look at these some of them are taken on the same day and a lot are rejects from my picture of the week kind of things. I don't think these pictures are too self absorbed because not very many of them, if any of them at all are that good looking. I almost put a filter on them to make them not so bad, but I figured that I can save these for memories in my natural state. Not only are these unfiltered but they're also zero makeup and zero photoshop. The only good thing I can say is that my eyebrows seem to look good in all of these photos.

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