Casual Valentines Day Outfit

outfit for valentines day causal
Not Your Typical Valentines Day Wear

So I've already done one Valentines Day outfit post, with a lips t-shirt, and even though I'll probably just be sitting in my room this Friday, which is of course Valentines Day, I do like putting together outfits so I decided why not make one and share it. Since I'm not going anywhere I went with something very casual and not to different than my everyday wear, but an outfit like this would work for a relaxed date or a day kind of thing. 

  •  Heart On The Elbow Sweatshirt - Of course for the main part of this outfit has to have some type of romantic look to, it and since this is a sweatshirt, that means a heart on it.  I love that its big and baggy with a plain look, but on the elbows are a heart design that totally change the feel of the sweatshirt. 
  • Light Skinny Jeans - I've done outfits on how to look classy in jeans and one of the main rules is pair a loose top with tight jeans and vice versa. To contrast with the black I went with a very light pair, and no holes, to keep it from being too raggedy.  
  • Combat Boots - I love wearing combat boots and when I started planning on this outfit the first thing I picked out were these brown ones. They give kind of an edgy vibe without being too punk, or now that I think about it grunge. 
  • Wooden Watch- My two accessories for this outfit, are a watch and bow. Starting with the watch I added it because I always roll up my sleeves so I needed some type of wrist fancier. I went with this watch specifically because I like the contrasting texture of the wood with the leather. 
  • Red Hair Bow - Since this outfit has a sweatshirt and combat boots, I figured I needed to make it a little more feminine, so I went with a hair bow. I especially love hair bows to tie off buns that I make using the goody spin pins. So the bow doesn't really hold anything in place. 

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