Can you just give a girl Starbucks?

When I woke up this morning my hair looked like absolute crap. I considered bruising it all out and then using my definition series flat iron to fix it, but then I realized I really don't care that much so instead I got my things ready for school, made an early lunch of some soup and headed out. I probably should have warmed up my car, but once you lock the door behind you that opportunity is gone, so I just kind of scrapped it off and left. Thanks to the ice all over my driveway did slip a few times doing this. My drive however wasn't bad at all, so that's always a plus.

Once at school, I tried to get started right away on studying for calculus but instagram on my phone was quite distracting. After a friend came by to talk to me I turned my phone off and did the practice test. It wasn't too bad, but I do wish I had spent a little more time studying. Really though if I had spent an extra five hours I still would be saying the same thing. You can never study enough for calculus. After that, an hour before my physics class started something really awkward happened. That kid that I've complained about stalking me  brought me Starbucks. A strawberry drink and a chocolate muffin as you can see below. The thought was nice, even if it was a little out of line. The drink was okay although a little watery and as for the chocolate carmel muffin thing that I guess is new, it was pretty good, although both of these things are seriously hurting my diet. I totally tried to pay the kid for getting me these things, but as I already figured that didn't work.

a thing from starbucks

what is that carmel muffin.\
 Physics class went just fine. It wasn't a lab or anything just a short lecture, he seems to rush through these, and then lots of example problems. He really is a hilarious man though. One of the students asked if he knew who Mr. HeadProffesorGuy was and he was all "Oh yes! He is my boss" and proceeded to do a military salute. I didn't find the class to be too boring and did a little better paying attention but the kid next to me fell asleep. He let us out early so I had plenty of time to brag about the 10/10 I received yesterday right before blogging about my valentines day outfit.  Then it was time for my computer programing class which is just terrible. I mean its two and a half hours of a not at all exciting subject. Some of the program making was fine, although I messed up one bad enough the teacher had to come fix it. Really though I just had a sharp that didn't need to be there. I tried to occupy myself by eating one goldfish cracker at a set interval which worked pretty well, except I ran out too early. I also learned that class was ten minutes longer than I thought as I was packing up to leave, and everyone else was still sitting there. Lucky for me I successfully created the last program, so I didn't have another failed program like my first. 
its a c++ program yo

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