Both Math Classes Canceled

My school day started like any other. I came in early and studied a little calculus and did a lot of playing around. A lot of that was because I was feeling pretty confident about the upcoming test. So when my friend who I have the class with came in about when I was coming back from checking my email, when just talked and waited for the class to start. I have to say though I wasn't a big fan of the anthropology discussion. It was all about feminism and how the media is pressuring young girls to be thin and have unrealistic expectations about their looks. All of the women were so angry too, and taking it so personally. So what if I want to look like a Victoria's Secret model. Who are you to crush my dream, and if I want to have a traditional role in the house when I grow up, that isn't any of your business either. Really though, as an engineering student I don't know why I was so offended by the video. Maybe its because I also like to take pictures of me wearing cute outfits, like the Valentines Day Shirt. After class I took what I think is a pretty good selfie, mostly because the lighting was nice. I mean, I'm not wearing any makeup and my hair is up in a bun because it was a no wash day. Just don't mind my lack of a facial expression.

Hanna Marie Lei
 Afterwards I wasn't feeling too motivated to do anything, but I did manage to print out the notes I need for 171, and didn't have any of the trouble I did last time I printed something off. Right after I came back from the printer I noticed my teacher posted an announcement saying class was canceled. Also that our homework was still due, as well as a study guide for next week. Both of which we needed to go to her office to pick up. So heading that way I saw a boy in my class who was all excited because our teacher had told him about it, but wasn't quite as excited when I told him we had to go get school work from outside her office. We then went to the computer area and studied calculus. I also noticed that my programing teacher who didn't let us know about a quiz last week had put in the grade book that homework was due next class meeting. Not that he bothered to tell us about it when we were making programs  After we were done a few more of our classmates came in so we all went in a room to study but of course nothing like that ended up happening it was all talking. At two we learned that a school north of us closed so we were eagerly awaiting the closure of ours, which happened an hour later. Had I have know this right off the bat, I could have left at 11:45 instead of sitting around school all day. I guess though our calculus test will be Thursday. I'm so stressed out about it I was really hoping to get it over with, especially since I have so many other things to do.
for me to do at home

truck that's only rust picture
When I was driving home, the sole time I expected it to start being a blizzard outside but of course it was okay. I did however have this beautiful truck pull out in front of me, and managed to take its picture at the next stop light. Its almost like the asked for the rust finish. When I came home I was super stressed out, I mean I have computer programing homework, a quiz, a calculus test, a take home one for anthropology, homework and a study guide for my other math class, a physics worksheet to do, homework and then I have to study for a quiz on monday. I mean, I'm really starting to rethink this whole engineering thing because its so much work, and I'm not really even taking that many credit hours.

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