Book Review: River in Peril

Book By Susan K. Marlow
River in Peril
Goldtown Adventure #4
By Susan K. Marlow

A visit to the bustling city of Sacramento should be the trip of a lifetime for twelve year old Jem Coulter. He's never traveled so far from Goldtown. But something's not right. Pa won't say what but Jem can feel it with every bump of the stagecoach. And then, nearing the end of the tiring two-day journey, the stage is held up. Highwaymen calling themselves the Knights of the Golden Circle haul away a precious shipment of gold.  So why isn't Sheriff Coulter upset over the robbery? Or by the bandits' claim that the holdup is within their rights? The answer turns Jem's carefree city holiday upside down. While exploring the river wharf and enjoying an impromptu tour of a paddlewheel steamboat - courtesy of a new friend - Jem, Nathan and Ellie stumble across a dangerous smuggling operation. Then the bandits show up and Ellie disappears. With Pa off on business and Aunt Rose worried sick, Jem must use all his wits to find and rescue his sisters before the side-wheeler steams downriver and out of reach. 

I just did a review of Canyon of Danger the third book in the Goldtown series, and although it isn't a must I do recommend reading that book before starting with River in Peril. It does make the background a little easier to understand. I do have to say though that this is a great book for young boys  9-13 to read. It doesn't have violence or sex, and the good guys are really the good guys. 

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