Book Review: Living Whole without a Better Half

book biblical truth for single life
Living Whole without a Better Half
Second Addition
Biblical Truth for the Single Life
By Wendy Widder

For many, "single" is not just a filing statues on a tax return but a public declaration that they are disappointed, discontented and waiting around to start life. Whether single by choice or circumstance they may find like Wendy Widder did they're just trying to figure out - like everyone else - how to live life well. Singles will find unvarnished truth here. Instead of cherry picking biblical promises, Widder turns to Hebrews 11. She examines the lives of biblical heroes such as Abraham, Moses, and Jacob to show readers how to embrace singleness as a God-given gift that can provide abundant life. Wendy has learned, relearned and then learned yet again God's plan for us is better than any we have for ourselves and she makes her case with wit and wry humor. Now with study questions and a new preface, Living Without a Better Half makes a great Bible study or small group resource.

Wendy Widder spent most of her twenties teaching elementary students and waiting to get married. Then she decided life was happening without her, so she started a collection of graduate degrees in Bible theology and ancient languages. After twelve years five advisors three schools two states and two continents she emerged from the ivory tower and found herself in mid life learning new ways to live whole without a better half.

So many times you go though a book, and then find that the author is not at all what they are trying to give tips about, I'm talking to you Raise Him Up, but I was happy to see that there was no mention of kids or a husband with Wendy Widder. With so much pressure to get married, see An Amish Garden, or any other book that has a "happy ending" its hard being single, and Living Whole without a Better Half is a great read for anyone who is. I do have to say though this is a very Christian book, which may not be where you are at in your life.

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