Book Review: Clout

Clout by Jenni Carton
Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence
Jenni Catron

You have clout. Have you discovered it yet? Well all long for significance even as we fear we will never be good enough. We listen for God but hear only voices of doubt and practicality. Listen again. There is a call that only you can answer. Clout is power and influence. It is an undeniable trait that opens down and moves mountains. You have it, and you can use it to change the world around you. With Scripture and stories from her own life, Jenni Catron maps out the pitfalls and clear paths on the way toward discovering and unleashing your very own clout.

Who are you? Who has God Called You to Be? Nearly ten years ago Jenni Catron's lifelong dreams were taken away from her. She experienced a crisis of purpose. The old ideas of career and security passed away and she was forced to examine the motives and methods that had defined her life's work up to the point. Since then she has come to understand her influence and has faced down the fears and doubts that keep so many from embracing the clout God gives all his children. From the start of our education we are asked to set our goals and strive to reach the top -  to be king or queen of the hill. All the while we learn at church that we should be humble and fight against the tendency to wrestle for control.

The truth lies somewhere between the extremes. God calls us to influence the world around us with humility and confidence. Too often we believe the lie that following God will keep us from being ourselves. Clout exposes the emotional logistical and relational traps that keep us tethered showing how focusing on God's calling helps us become our true selves. With this book you will confront the clout killers that minimize your influence and make you small. Work your way past fear comparison jealousy scarcity insecurity pride and being a control freak. Learn to remove each barrier between you and God's calling on your life. From there you will create a new framework for how to discover your influence and build a solid foundation from which your leadership can thrive. Clout is not about whispered opinions. It is not about dreams hidden away fro years or strong-arming others into listening to you. Clout is a powerful force, a commanding influence that God has given us - let's put it to good use. 

Jenni Catron serves as the executive director of Cross Point Church a multi-site church in Nashville, Tennessee. She leads the staff of Cross Point and oversees the ministry of its five campuses, Jenni also has a blog and contributes to a number of other online publications as well. 

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