Book Review: Casting the Net

book by Pam Rhodes
Casting the Net
The Dunbridge Chronicles
By Pam Rhodes

Neil returns from his ordination inspired by his vocation and determined not to let his love life get in the way. Some might think a man lucky to have two women declaring their love for him, but it isn't that simple when you are a priest. Neil's second year as curate of St. Stephen's in the small down of Dunbridge promises to be no quieter than the first. There are joys to be celebrated worries to be shared and bereavements that shake the community to its core. And of course there are the women who mean to take care of him - from his domineering mother Iris who appears to have moved in and Wendy who knows she'd make him the perfect wife, to Claire who doesn't believe in God but does believe in Neil.

Pam Rhodes has presented the BBC's Songs of Praise for many years. She has written six other novels including With Hearts and Hymns and Voices and Fisher of Men. 

Love stories are my favorite kind of book to read when I'm kind of trying to escape for a little while. Most of the romance books I get to read though are about a boy who's desperately trying to get the girl to settle down Like Perfecting Kate and all of the Stories in An Amish Garden. Casting the Net though is about a man who's finding his way, which to me is very refreshing. Because of that, and how this story is written, I think either a man or a woman would enjoy reading Casting the Net. It has great characters an awesome setting and I love it.

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