Book Review: Canyon of Danger

Book by Susan K. Marlow
Canyon of Danger
Goldtown Adventures #3
By Susan K. Marlow

Twelve year old Jem Coulter couldn't be more excited. His sheriff father must escort a prisoner to Sacramento, and he's leaving the ranch in Jem's care. How hard can it be to look after a couple dozen beef cattle and a few chickens? After all, his cousin Nathan and his sister Ellie will pitch in to help and Aunt Rose is there to keep house. However Jem quickly discovers that being the "man of the family" fr two weeks is not how he imagined it. Everything goes wrong. A wolf threatens the heard and an injured stranger invades the Coulters' lives. Then Jem's horse goes missing along with Pa's good rifle… stolen right out from under Jem's nose. Goldtown's bungling miners turned deputies are no help. THey have their hands full with the disorder and rowdiness that the sheriff's absence has sparked. Jem won't let his father down. He'll do anything to recover his family's stolen property - even venture into a canyon filled with unexpected danger. 

Canyon of Danger is the third in the Goldtown Adventures by Susan K. Marlow. I haven't read the first or the second book but I will be reading and reviewing the fourth book in the near future. To tell the truth I was a little worried about not being able to read the first two books, I was worried the story would fit together correctly or that I wouldn't understand the characters but I didn't have any of those issues. This book is easy to read and has a great adventure feel to it. It's perfect for the young man in your life, especially if you liked raise him up  or praying for boys this book is full of fun, and mystery but doesn't include anything you'll need to worry about talking about later. 

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