A dot on my head, made a bear

Yesterday as you may or may not have noticed I didn't do a blog post. I know I've made it a big point to do one everyday but from Saturday Evening until Monday I was super sick (I did manage to put up a pre made one for Sunday though, its a Casual Valentines Day Outfit). It wasn't a kind of sneezing and coughing thing, but rather a huge headache and lots of throwing up as well as upset bowls. Just looking at a computer screen hurt my eyes, so there was no way I was up for doing much of anything. To be honest I'm not sure how I even managed to get through my Monday of school because although I was feeling a little better, at least better than I did saturday night, my back and neck were so stiff from laying around that moving even just a little bit hurt. Luckily though today I'm feeling much better. 

I had to get up pretty early with plans to finish my 171 study guide after getting to school, not so early though that it wasn't light outside. Of course though it was still freezing cold, and I had to scrap off my windshield by the time I got into my car my hands were so cold they were numb, which was when I remembered those Oasap Nordic Print Mittens, not even exaggerating those things felt fantastic as soon as I put them on, and I hope that tomorrow I remember to put them on before heading outside. As soon as I got to school I started working on that study guide and then worked some more during my anthropology class, afterwards I found a classmate working on it and she worked backwards and I worked forwards, almost getting the whole thing done. When we came to class we realized it wasn't actually due, until Thursday like we originally thought, no matter what it said on the paper. 

red mark on forehead
 Afterwards I went to the bathroom and noticed that I had a very red round spot of skin right in-between my eyes. It kind of reminds me of one of those indian dots, (even though I've been to a Ganesh installation hardly know anything about Indian culture) except not at all. I was so embarrassed, because everyone I'm sure saw it, but just in case I made sure to tell all of the people around me that I had it, and take a very flattering picture to document it. About this time we realized there was a lot of homecoming things going on so we decided to join in. I ended up having two snow cones, two bags of popcorn and cotton candy. That's not all though because there were two stations where you had to show student idea, for even better things. The first was the cute bear that I made (actually just stuffed), and that took forever, afterwards I walked all the way down the hall and picked up a homecoming shirt. I have to say these are both much nice then that cup I got 
bear and t-shirt
Afterwards it seemed my friends had moved and put my stuff along with the two other people that decided to go with me's stuff in the classroom, of course one decided to take my phone, but he didn't get far thanks to my password. I forgot though to get my math book and realized a quarter of the way through class and proceeded to worry until break. That book is actually more important than my phone. It ended up they had just set it at the front table so all the panicking was for nothing. When I came home I did some more 171, even though I'm sure I'll do terrible on the test. 

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