VoxBox: Venus Embrace Razor + Review

venus embrace voxbox
 This is my third Voxbox, the first being the Sweetheart Voxbox which had a ton of products that I loved and is actually my favorite of the Voxboxs, and then the Good Life Voxbox which wasn't bad either. So as you could have guessed I was pretty excited when I received an email saying that I'd be getting the Venus Embrace Voxbox in the mail. When I found out thought that it wasn't going to be packed full of different products for me to try out, and instead just have a razor, I was a little disappointed. After trying out the Venus Embrace Razor, I've completely changed my mind, and this might be my new favorite Voxbox.

Everything came in one Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive kit, the plastic thing that's ripped apart, since it was kind of a pain to open. I had to cut at it three different times before I was able to tear it open. Everything being a razor handle two separate blades and an in shower razor holder. 

razor and cartridge venus embrace
When I put the razor blade on the stick, I was surprised at how easy it was (watch the video to see what I mean) because I had so much trouble with the Bic Soleil Savvy Razor, I swear that one almost cut me.   Using the Venus Embrace was great. The blade was sharp enough that I didn't have to continually go over the same place, and I didn't have to use any type of shaving gel because there is a built in moisture bar. I am a little worried about how quickly that moisture bar is going to be used up, because it took a lot of wear from just one shave and my Venus Spa Breeze which is very similar didn't last long at all. 

Overall I really like the Venus Embrace Razor. It doesn't leave any hair behind when I use it and my skin doesn't get any cuts bumps or dry spots. I love how easily the razor attaches to the stick, and that shower holder I mentioned before, works just fine.

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