Thought my Wheel fell Off, Got a discount at Dollar General

public bathroom selfie
 Normally my school drive is pretty uneventful. Although it isn't as short of a drive as I'd like I basically only have go on one, nice low traffic straight road. The only time I really have to worry is when there is snow that hasn't been plowed. Today though I about freaked out. I was about 3/4 of the way done with my drive when I heard this awful sound that was like scrapping and it went on for like a hundred feet and then it disappear. Instead of a logical solution like that there was ice on the road, I assumed that I was now driving with just a hub cap where one of my wheels should be. Even though the sound was gone. When people started passing me this cemented that idea in my head, because who wants to drive behind someone with sparks flying. I then realized that it might be because I was going well below the speed limit, and speed up. When I got to school I parked and totally forgot about the whole incident. Instead I went inside and took this wonderful selfie in the bathroom since I didn't have one yesterday.  I did blur out the toilet (don't worry nothing was in it) and the hand dryer that way this picture couldn't be used as some blackmail in the future. After I was done in the bathroom I went to sit in a chair and study calculus for my upcoming test and got reasonably far.

Normally the class before my anthropology one doesn't end until fifteen minutes before mine starts but about half an hour till I was sitting with my friend and we noticed that our teacher had walked out, so since there had been problems before with enough seats we went in and noticed that there were already quite a few people sitting down. While he was passing back old quizzes (I guess I didn't need to take a picture of this one) he had what seemed like a nice video of pretty japanese girls' pictures and cute japanese music with the most aggressive lyrics ever. Then afterwards I saw the title was thinspiration and felt quite brainwashed. We talked a little about the Japanese culture and then about language and finally saw a video on aborigines before our participation attendance quiz. 
171 math notes
 Then I went to sit down at a chair when I remembered that I ought to print out my math notes, especially before all the library computers were taken which happens around that time of day. So I went in there pulled up the page, and looked for how to print it in black and white but thanks to the new windows system I couldn't find it. So I hit print and went up to the printer to get my document. Used to we would have to sign in and do a print release but there was a sign saying that was no more. When my papers didn't print I went back to my computer where it said that I needed to click a button accepting charges, I thought that I got like 100 pages of free print, but I guess not. Sorry Richard when you get the bill. After printing I went to work on more calculus before heading to 171 where our teacher got angry with us for questioning her. Then I went and sat down to read my anthropology after realizing that I also have a test in that class on Tuesday. No fun for me this weekend. When calculus class time came around I tried really hard to try and pay attention and did a pretty good job I think.

When I went out to my car, its still freezing today like a high of ten and a low of -2, although I was wanting to just start up my car and get in I remembered to inspect my tires although I should have done it when I got to school, and of course they looked perfectly fine. That didn't stop me from wondering about it my whole drive, although I ended up being really emotional about nothing at all I hope its just more period behavior and not me becoming a sensitive lady. When I arrived home it was noted that there wasn't any beans and since the chili had already been started my father and I went out to get some. The closest place was the dollar store so we had to hunt around and find two cans of beans, we waited in line forever behind someone who was either using a government assistance card, or might have been using a stole credit card to buy two candy bars, and it wasn't working. We waited and waited when I noticed this fancy Duck Dynasty Valentine chocolates before the another worker opened up the other register. After we left, seeing that man get into a nice lincoln we looked at our receipt and noticed he gave us the store discount. I'm not sure if he thought we were poor and this was like our dinner for the night, or if he was being kind because we had to wait so long in line. I'm hoping it was the latter because I'd like to think we're presentable looking. Either way it nice of him.

toy from a machine
At dinner I read national geographic when I should have been looking at my anthropology book and then my mother found this silly green toy that they had got from one of the machines at steak n shake over the weekend and forgot to give me. 

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