The School Next Door Was Canceled

no lines on the road
 This morning starting about three am I kept waking up periodically. I think I was nervous about the drive I'd have to take and hoping that I'd get the call that school was canceled. Of course that wasn't the case, and I had to get up, and get ready for school leaving twenty minutes earlier than normal, I had planned on leaving even earlier than that, but my used cat cricket  delayed me. When I did leave the roads didn't look too bad, but just like on the first final I had last semester it was impossible to see where the lines are which always makes me super nervous.

When I go there though it was terrible. I opened my car door and the wind took it all the way back, so I already knew what I was in for stepping out the car, but it was much worse than I had imagined. It wasn't actually snowing but the the drift was so bad that I had to cover my eyes, and walking directly into the wind I couldn't even breath. Unfortunately I couldn't remember if I turned off my headlights (which I had) and walked all the way back.

At least when I was doing it, a girl walked past me and noticed my sequin winter boots and said to her friend that they should have thought to wear boots. YES LET ME INFLUENCE YOUR DRESS. When I came back in I had awhile of sitting around where I did some homework, before going into my anthropology class.
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I figured that the class wouldn't start on time, since the teacher doesn't seem to be the early type and he does drive from far away. After ten minutes of waiting I still had hope of getting my attendance points, as one girl walked in we received an email from an administrator that class had been canceled. That girl started cussing, and I'm not sure that I blame her. Plus it was pretty funny.

Then I went to study math things that I should have been paying attention to in class, and hoped that one of my boring classes would be canceled, but of course no such luck and I had to go to both. When I was leaving the Calculus one I rushed out, I'm sure looking completely stupid to try and make sure I got a ways before it got dark, because from what everyone was saying and by the lack of attendance the roads were still no good. 

I of course drove like a pro, just like I do in Grand Theft Auto and swerved everywhere just like on the way to school, regardless of the fact that there was no ice this did make the people behind me super cautious though which was funny. If I had been driving south though it would have really been a terrible drive since the interstate was shut down. I'm not sure why my school didn't cancel because the college right by mine did and so did all the local schools.

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