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Blue Traditional Chinese Dress for Dolls
I remember when the American Girl Doll catalogs first started coming. I'm not sure how they did but I did know after looking at the catalog that I had to have one. My friends and I all ended up having our own look alike doll (as you can see mine above). Although my doll never really had a name, she did have plenty of other things. From a cat and dog to two horses, and plenty of extras like a music instrument. My parents spent quite a bit on keeping my doll up to date on clothing as well, something that as I recently found out they could have spent a little less on.

You see I was contacted by The Doll Clothes Super Store and they gave me a dress to try out, which is a huge online shop that sells all kinds of doll clothes. From Barbie and Ken to Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Twinn and of course American Girl Doll Clothes. A normal American Girl Doll dress is about $20 but my Chinese Celebration Dress was only $7.00. Its so cute too, and the quality of the fabric is fantastic. The sewing enthusiast in me (remember my quilted wallet) also noticed that the quality was good. 

Even though I am quite past the normal age for doll playing, and haven't done so in quite some time I have to admit I loved looking through all the doll clothes that are available for dolls. Also the shoes, and the furniture and everything else. What can I say? I really am five at heart.

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