School Drive, and Bathroom

hand dryer at school
 Its the second day in a row that I went to school, I talked about my first day of school, and although I had an extra class, it wasn't nearly as tiring. I left for school a little after nine. Pulling out of my neighborhood I noticed that just like earlier this week, I forgot to get the frost off my side view mirrors. It took literally the whole ride for them to come off. I really could have used those mirrors too. When I came to school, I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad, but again I had to park really far away.

When I went into the building I headed straight to the bathroom. When I was going in looking for an empty stall, I saw this woman though the cracks and it was so awkward. I was standing quite far away but yet I saw everything. It makes me wonder about my own privacy in those stalls. I came out, washed my hands and had to dry them with this hand dryer. Its so strong that my skin got all flappy, but yet it didn't dry the water.
computer with windows
Then I went to check the syllabus, since I found a way to bypass the Microsoft setup, the one for my anthropology class, and noticed that the class room number was different there then it was on the other information I had. I ended up talking to someone before class and sat with them, so I'd like to think that means I made a new friend today. When my teacher came in, late because he had the wrong room, I couldn't believe how he looked. Most likely to have been at Woodstock. A few more people walked in and some even had to share a chair, I'd rather stand then do that. I'm calling now that this class will have the most annoying people of the semester.

Afterwards I went to take a nap in my car and got out about 5 minutes before my math class started and  went there. When I sat down, someone asked if I had just been asleep, and what class, then another person told them I had been in my car napping. They know me so well.
Blogger Hanna with hair up

cuffs on a plaid shirt
Then I had to occupy myself for the next hour before my calculus class. For some reason I just didn't take off my jacket from Tj Maxx and it looks like its swallowing me. That's not the only thing wrong because as you can see my hair looks awful, its on its no wash day. While I was sitting there I was trying to button up the cuff on my plaid high low shirt, by yourself its so hard to do! After going to the vending machine it was time for my last class.

For the first half of calculus I did such a nice job paying attention, but then I started to get distracted. I was checking my emails, looking around and almost started drawing pictures. So tomorrow while I'm doing the homework that just seemed to magically appear, I'll also be reviewing everything that I wasn't paying attention to.

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