Review: Sugar Candy Aqua Circle Lenses

On cicle lenses Sugar Candy Aqua
 So here's a review of a pair of circle lenses that I received thanks to Lensvillage. They're a Sugar Candy pair in the color Aqua. The diameter is 14.5 mm, and has a very simple design. The set was $22.  Made in South Korea, and its possible to get these lenses in your eye glass prescription, although I didn't do that. I have to say these aren't my favorite circle lenses ever, although they are quite similar to the I.Fairy Tofi Blue Circle Lenses.

Starting with the design, like I said earlier it is very simple. Its just a blue inner and then on the outside a thick black ring. The color is a medium blue, not something I quite expect from a cycle lens that says it is aqua colored right in the title. I'm pretty neutral on the lack of a design. I mean it does make the Sugar Candy Aqua lenses look less fake, but also less interesting which is no fun.

As for the wear, I can't say they're that comfortable, I can feel them in my eyes for sure. Since they aren't that big I was a little surprised by that. The color is dark and unnatural seeming on my traditional Caucasian features, but on someone with naturally dark eyes I think they'd be great. The enlarging effect is my favorite part of the book. 

Overall the Sugar Candy Aqua lenses are just okay. The big black ring is great for enlarging the iris. I don't like though that the blue isn't bright and the circle lenses aren't that comfortable.

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