Review: Nail Art Stamping Kit

stamping nail art $1 kit
If you remember, I've done two clothing outfits recently, a Red Lips T-Shirt as well as a brown satin dress  both of which are from SammyDress. Surprisingly though I also got this beginning nail art kit from as well. This nail kit is something I've been wanting for a few years actually, looking at it from different stores, but never got myself to buy it (even though it was just over $1) because I was afraid it wouldn't work. Luckily though I am quite happy with my new nail art tool.

I normally like to talk about the packaging but here there isn't much to talk about. It comes in a box, plastic on the front and then on the back its cardboard, printed on that cardboard is instructions. Inside the pack is a metal nail design plate with four different designs, a stamper and a scrapper. Both of the plastic pieces are in a very girly pink color.

To use apply a base coat to the nails. For my nails I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nail in Black Out. After that its time to apply your design color, mine being Spoiled Plastic Flamingo to the image plate. Then you scrap off the excess, stamp the image and then stamp it onto your nail. For a longer lasting design you can also apply a top coat. 

Overall I really love this beginning nail art stamping kit. The four designs are great, all of them showing up nicely, and its so easy to do. I have no skills and I was able to do it. Plus for less than $2 how can you go wrong?

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