Review: Green Apple Bambi Circle Lenses

I just did a review of the Sugar Candy Aqua Lenses, so now I'm doing a review of the Green Apple Bambi Circle Lenses also known as Princess Mimi series. Although I've tried a lot of circle lenses in my time I have to admit I went into this review with a huge bias towards the Princess Mimi Series because I love the Bambi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses, they are my favorite lenses by a long shot, and I'm happy to say the green apple version did not disappoint. Honestly I can't think of one bad thing to say about the lenses (which are GEO by the way) and I don't think anyone else could either.

Starting with the design, these Green lenses are supposed to look very natural on. They don't have any type of fun or interesting pattern, just different streaks of green with a few shades to look natural. There is a dark ring around the edge as well. They blend well with light eye colors, and for me it hardly looks like I have any on. The green color, is pretty light in comparison to most circle lenses. The only unnatural thing about these lenses is their huge size.

You might be thinking because these Green Apple Princess Mimi circle lenses are so large they'd be uncomfortable, but that isn't the case at all. They're easy to get in and once there unless I look in the mirror I don't even realize they're there. I've worn them for ten hours straight and not had a problem, when with may other circle lenses more then three hours and my eyes are starting to feel deprived of oxygen.

Overall I really love the Green Apple Bambi Circle lenses. The color is amazing, and blends in very well with my eyes, and they're so comfortable I can wear them all day. If you're looking for a big engagement that still looks natural seriously don't look anywhere but at the Princess Mimi Series.

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