Review: Fiber One Protein Cereal

Protein fiber one cereal
Thanks to General Mills BECAUSE I'M A BZZ AGENT, I received these Fiber One Protein Cereals to try out for free. To be honest had this cereal have come a few months ago I wouldn't have been that interest, but since my new years resolution to be healthy I've really been trying to work on that. Thanks to the cold weather I haven't been able to go running like I want to and have been forced to exercise inside. In the next few days (maybe even tomorrow) I'm going to be documenting my new exercise things that I've been doing for the week as well as what I'll be doing for the rest of the month, but something that's as important or maybe even more important than that is eating healthy.

I hate to admit it but as far as eating goes I'm not the most healthy. I love visiting the vending machines, and after dinner I'm always looking for something sweet to eat no matter how much I ate. Oh, and I snack whenever I'm bored, which is a lot. When I started trying out the Fiber One Protein Cereal for my breakfasts I noticed something. I was snacking less, and that mid morning vending machine visit I made during the school day just about stopped. 

I absolutely love the two flavors I was given, Cranberry Almond and Maple Brown they taste great. Not only that but they fit into my healthy lifestyle plain perfectly. There are so many vitamins especially if you have it with milk like I do, Vitamin A Calcium Iron, Vitamin D Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin and a whole lot more. I'm so going to be getting the  Fiber One Protein Cereal for a long time to come. 

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