Physics Acceleration Lab, Studying Calculus with Cricket

school work for ME
 This is my second physics lab, but like usual I went to school early and worked on my school work. I finished the prelab homework assignment that I forgot about until last night. I then went to work on doing my physics homework that was given out monday and also some math assignment for 171 that I had already half done. Of course that one kid who makes me uncomfortable showed up, but that didn't end up being so bad. I mean I was able to check all my answers with his and get everything done before my lab started. When we came in there were mini computers and things set up that reminded me a lot of my high school physics class. I turned in my lab from last week and then got to work on this one. Well, by get to work I mean fill out the data that my other group member were doing. The other girl and I did nothing. Afterwards we did the at home stuff, because it wasn't hard at all and one kid had a computer so he made the excel graph we needed and then went to print it off. It took him forever to get back though so although we could have left early we were waiting around for ten minutes because its almost impossible to print anything in the building we were in. 

school yard in winter
When I was leaving because I'm in the furthest possible parking place from where I have my Physics lab, I decided to follow the person in front of me's lead and just walk through the grass. Although really I could have just walked the long way because at 25 degrees Fahrenheit it was quite nice. I didn't even put on my mittens or scarf and left my coat unbuttoned. I also got a text from an old high school friend and made plans with them.
book for math with cricket
When I came home it was all about calculus. I mean, as I've said a few times now I have a huge test coming up (already I know) and am now 2/7 of the way to finishing the things in the book I need to know. Its just a lot of information to learn. I'm hoping that by Saturday I'll be able to finish all of it so that I can work on the actual study guides with my Sunday and Monday. I haven't even started thinking about the anthropology test that I'm going to need to study for either. Winter break keeps looking better and better, now that my school stress is setting in. This is earlier than usual. 

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