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A long time ago, okay maybe only two years ago, when I had just started my blog I did an opinion post about Peta. I've always loved animals, and when I found Peta, probably five years ago I couldn't get enough. They have amazing amazing articles about everything related to animals rights. There are articles that I like to call self help, that help you to become vegan/vegetarian, buy cruelty free cosmetics, and stop wearing fur. It wasn't much later when I found out about Peta2, the largest youth animal rights group. 

On Peta2 you can join the street team, something that I've found to be a great resource for helping animals, and talking to fellow activists. You can enter weekly contests for cool things like vegan wallets adn t-shirts, as well ask and answer questions on the forums. Probably the most popular PETA2 program though is their points. 

things for free from peta
For doing tasks to help animals you can earn points that will get you cool things from their shop. There are T-shirts, buttons that would look awesome on a canvas bag, posters, a lunch box, lip balms, and books,. What you see in the pictures above is just a fraction of what's available to earn by helping animals, I earned a Peta Veggie Burger Shirt last year. The tasks range from the simple like signing an online petition (150 points) to the extreme, making a vegetarian option in your cafeteria (10000 points + a t-shirt). 

Even for those of you who aren't wanting to give up meat and dairy (although you should consider it) Peta2 can still be a place for you. There are so many ways that you can help all different kinds of animals, like a bird that's trapped in a barren cage to elephants being abused for entertainment. So give a look. Without Peta I wouldn't have even thought to get a used cat , so PETA saved Cricket.

my cat cricket

*I wasn't sponsored in anyway (or even asked) to do this post. I simply wanted to share with you guys how to help animals. 

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