Pet Photos: Elizabeth and I taking Selfies

Selfie with a bird

that's my sister

that an african grey wild

African grey bird
You've all seen my sister Elizabeth Ann the African Grey ,  and although I haven't had her featured here for awhile, she's doing just fine. Actually she's already learned Cricket the Cat's name and calls for her constantly. I'm not sure why that is though, because all my cat wants to do is eat her. She sticks her paws in the cage, and Elizabeth tries to bite her. Its an odd world of the animal kingdom in my house. Anyways, I just wanted to share a few photos, that I took with Elizabeth while watching television one night. I just put the front facing camera on, which surprised Elizabeth at first, and if you look at some of the pictures you can tell by how wide her eyes are and then started posing. Unfortunately the African Grey part of these photos didn't quite get the whole look happy or crazy, so I'm doing all the fun things by myself. 

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