Outfit: Sammydress Brown Column Scoop Neck Dress

Outfit Hanna Marie Lei
Yesterday in the mail, a package came for me from Sammydress. I'll be doing a full introductory post to them later this week, although I feel the more observant people have already noticed their banner ad in my sidebar. I was going to wait until after the introduction to do my outfit posts, but I've been in an especially girly mood lately (remember my bow print dress ootd) so I couldn't wait to try the dress on and take a few pictures in it. To be honest I'm really surprised at how fantastic the dress is. For this look, I was going for a business look, or for a college student like me something for presentation days.

Brown and Gold Dress - Thanks to Sammy Dress
Single Pearl Necklace - Big Hair Christmas Present
Black Heels - Nordstrom 

For this outfit I was debating what I should wear. I mean the dress with its gold top and brown bottom all in a satin finish really does speak for itself, so I figured less is more. The first thing I added was the necklace that I was given for Christmas. Its simple and a classic design, and dresses up the look more than a chunky piece would. The second, and last thing I added to this outfit are the black heels from Nordstrom. I bought these back in my high school band days for concerts, and although they're cute I hate wearing them because they're so uncomfortable. I mean after just taking pictures in them, my feet were already starting to hurt. I'm not sure why that is either because the heel isn't that high.

About that Brown Column Scoop Neck Dress. When I ordered the dress online I was expecting a cotton piece, I mean its only $12. Opening up the package though I was shocked that it has a satin feel, and looks fancy enough to be a going out dress. I mean if I saw this at the mall for $150 I wouldn't think that was a bad deal. It had a detachable waist piece (I'm wearing it in the pictures) and a hidden zipper in the back as well as a small slit. I do have to say that this dress is a little shorter than I expected, so tall girls will have to wear tights for sure, and I ordered a medium based on the measurements on their site, and it fits well.

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