Outfit: Oasap Bow Print Dress

Outfit Hanna Lei
Do you ever feel like just dressing up because? Playing with your hair, making it look perfect, doing your makeup in a fun new way and wearing something new from your closet? If you're a girl than I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, and if you're a boy, then maybe you'd relate more to my Baseball T-Shirt Outfit because today was just one of those days. It was too cold to wear this out, but sometimes just dressing up for class can be fun so that's what I did. And since I don't really wear any makeup (because of my lack of talent) getting all dressed up only took a few more minutes than my normal routine.

Leather Booties - Ugg Australia
Bow Earrings - Tiffany & Co Christmas Present
Tights - Lace and Dot Sheer
Dress - Thanks to Oasap

The first piece of this outfit was of course the bow print dress that Oasap was kind enough to send to me. I absolutely love it, because it reminds me of a Kate Spade dress that was discontinued before I thought to buy it, with the exposed back zipper I think I like I like this one even better. Next were the tights that I'm not exactly sure about. They're very cute, but I wasn't really sure if I liked them with the dress or not so I added a picture without them on so everyone else could decide. Upon seeing the pictures I personally like it with the tights better. 

The next piece of my outfit is the Ugg booties that I was so obsessed with that I did multiple outfits in awhile back like the one with my fish scale leggings. I loved them so much that I had to hide them for awhile, I mean they're super comfy and make me look so tall. The last piece is the Tiffany bow earrings  in gold that my parents gave me for Christmas, and to finish out the bow look I had to add them.

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