Outfit: Lace Back Yoke Tank

black and white casual outfit
Since I did my Nordic Pattern Mittens Outfit a few days ago I figured it was time for another outfit post. This time around though, I managed to actually take some decent photos, but there still is a video for your viewing pleasure. I'd seen this shirt for quite some time, but because it came in a one size instead of the normal, small medium large kind of thing I passed on it. I mean, it looked so little in the pictures I figured it'd never fit me, which reminds me… I'm going on a diet.

As you can see by comparing old pictures like those from my White Sunglasses Outfit  I've gained a ton of weight, and although I'm not fat, I do need to do something about it, in the next few days I'll do something about my plan. Basically though this lace back yoke tank outfit is a go to look slimmer than you are OOTD.

Jeans - Abercrombie Haul
Boots - Sequin Boots Outfit
Tank - Kohls So Brand
Shirt - Oasap.com

The shirt I decided on because as I mentioned before, I need a little bit of a slimming affect. Luckily my arms aren't looking too bad or else I'd also need a jacket. I picked the jeans, because they're super stretchy and comfortable, and do look pretty good on me. The under tank, is simply because I always wear one, and the boots I couldn't help but add because they're so fun.

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