On my Period, Failed my First Program

Hanna Marie Lei
 Well, this isn't a picture from today (actually its from when I did my Bow Dress OOTD) but since I only managed to take pictures of my school work, I decided that I should add a picture of my face to balance it out. When I first took the picture I thought it was amazingly fantastically pretty but now that I'm looking at it again, I'm not quite so sure. But… This is about my day.

I set my alarm for nine o clock, when it was two am and I was still awake I decided to change it to ten. No big deal I thought, I mean class doesn't start until five pm. Well its a good thing I didn't decide to set my alarm for when I really wanted to get up, one, and instead figured I could have another study day at school  because my first class was actually at three. I have no idea how I got that mixed up, but I'm super lucky I realized it before I left. One thing that wasn't lucky though was that I started my period this morning. Sure it wasn't terrible because I didn't bleed out or anything but the cramps were actually quite painful. Before my Nexplanon Implant I don't ever remember having cramps, and for the first half day of my period now I just want to curl up into a ball with a blanket and my pillow pet. Of course though I couldn't do that so after letting my car get nice and toasty I headed off to school.

The drive wasn't bad, but since I arrived at a busy time, I had to park way out in the lot, even with my mittens, big fluffy jacket, boots and scarf I was freezing cold. When I came in I started to work on my math for 171 and did two of the three problems, I should have done the third but I was feeling especially lazy about it. I wanted to start on calculus studying for the test next Tuesday since I'm super nervous about it, but then remembered my physics teacher likes us to read the chapter ahead of time so that's what I did.  And I saw a problem that started as Runway Design. Being a girl I thought it was a fashion runway but of course it was for a plane.

math problem with runway
Of course when I went into physics that creepy engineering kid sat right next to me. I have to say though I was quite lucky to avoid him before that, although he did message me asking to share my text book with me because he "might forget his". The physics teacher goes over everything so quickly, that we were able to take a really early break where that Aaron kid kicked my chair in that annoying flirting way. I hate it so much, I feel like yelling at him when he does it, but of course I'm much to passive for that. Then we went over problems that I didn't pay nearly enough attention to and class let out half an hour early. I went to the bathroom for my third of four trips of the day and then headed to my engineering class where we all got up and ready.

I mentioned yesterday that I thought I downloaded the wrong C++ program, and of course I had. Now I have no idea what one to get, although I do remember it was a purple icon, so that's always good. The teacher went on and on about silly things we didn't need to know. Ones and zeros here's how you calculate it, and I was so bored until one of my friends let me play a new game they had downloaded to their phone. We ended up making programs, and I totally failed at mine, but I'm sure it was because I wasn't paying enough attention.
basic c program

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