My Weekend Sucked

Hanna Marie Lei
Maybe sucked is a little extreme of a word, but seriously, my weekend wasn't all that great. Nothing bad happened at all, but I also didn't do anything. Starting out with Friday, I woke up about ten, and did some blogging since it is kind of my catch up day. By that I mean I put together post just based on photos that I have in my phone, stuff like the food I eat and taking selfies with cats I had a whole list of other posts to do, mostly reviews, and only ended up getting done about half of what I wanted to. From there my week went down hill. 

On Saturday I felt terrible, I mean really terrible, and just wanted to lay in bed and make a few trips to the bathroom and refrigerator. Later I found out this was in part due to all the plum juice I had drank throughout the day and before I went to bed the night before. I mean how was I supposed to know that it gives you diarrhea, there isn't any warning label on the bottle, and it tasted so good. This wouldn't have been quite so bad, except that I had planned on doing all of my studying for an upcoming calculus test on Saturday. My plan was to get up around nine study until lunch and then keep studying until eight or nine. I knew when I planned this that it was pretty ambitious but I believed in myself. As it turned out though, I didn't even open up my math book. I did however watch two very long lifetime movies, and play on my phone which has to count for something.

So even though I realized I had completely failed the first two days of my weekend I decided I was going to make up for it today.When I woke up I canceled my plans to hang out with my friends and went downstairs to get my math stuff, and proceeded to take a three hour nap on the couch. When I woke up my nose was all stuffy and my face was blotchy thanks to my used cat cricket. I did manage to get done an excel graph for physics and then went to work downloading something for my computer programing class, after an hour I opened up a program and as it turned out I had the wrong one, and so I deleted it and tried another, while at the same time downloading photoshop for myself since its free through my school. Well I couldn't quite figure out how to download the C++ so I guess I'll just be practicing at school, and after looking at photoshop, I have to say I think I like my current editing software better anyway. I don't need all that fancy liquify. 

So I had so many things planned for what I wanted to do this weekend and ended up doing almost none of it. I mean I didn't even get a blog post done on Saturday and had to cheat and put up How to Wear a Circle Skirt  today. Part of my not getting anything done, was because I felt terrible, but the other part was because I was too focused on trying to make something happen that isn't going to, I mean I still hope it will, but honestly it isn't going to for at least another six months, and that's if I'm super lucky so I really should stop worrying about it.  

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