Monday Back at School

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 Yesterday I talked about getting ready for back to school and today I went! Since this alone was a big accomplishment, I could stop here, but I won't. I set my alarm for 11:20 but somehow I got up a little after nine. This gave me plenty of time to shower, and pick out what I was going to wear to my classes, and actually look presentable for my first day back. Doing all of this I was still about an hour earlier than my planned leaving time, but rather than just sit around I headed off to school.

My first stop was to the Bursar's office to pick up my parking permit, but pulling into the parking lot, I realized that maybe this year I should just have went with the free parking. I mean, the only open spots were about as far, from the building I was going to, but since I already paid I just went in to get it. When I was there a woman in front of me said she needed a parking pass and the office lady pointed her to another room, so when she came to me I said I needed a parking pass and asked if I needed to go to that room too. She made some comment about not unless you're faculty, and I wish I had said something witty, or at least anything better than "oh". 

While I was waiting for my Physics class to start I read my book, and took a ton of photos of myself. I don't think I'm an unattractive girl, but for some reason when there's a camera my face turns to some weird deformed object, the evidence is above. When my Physics class finally started we all went in and another class was there as well, although we were able to keep the class that day, from now on ours is moved to another classroom.
can you take photos like this

stalking a security guard
 It ended up, luckily because I was extremely bored, that our Physics class ended early. This meant though that I had to wait a little over an hour before my computer programing class. I could have went with a group of five to get pizza, but the last time I went on one of these expeditions I ended up in class ten minutes late. I did find a few of my other people who were going to be in the class too, and sat with them. I snuck this creepy picture with one of them, that is math class kid, but I'm pretty sure he liked it. I mean I did look pretty cute with my heart cardigan from mommy and daddy. I also took this one of some man, and when I tried to get one with us together, he was too fast for me.

All of my good mood and energy was zapped though, about five minutes into my computer class, it was just so boring. I was pleasantly surprised with the teacher though, and to tell the truth he reminded me a lot of my father, just the Indian version. As boring as the class was, there was an upside. Three people around me had food that I took from them, and it was all candy items.
creepy school hallway
Since it seemed as though I was the only one who had parked in the front parking lot, I was forced to walk all the way to my car by myself. Since I had forgotten a jacket, and I'm not the biggest fan of the dark, I decided to walk through the building my physics class was in. It was so creepy, especially for 7:45 (buildings don't close until 9:30). The whole hall, all the chairs included were empty and when I walked by the library and computer labs it looked like no one was there either. 

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