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what life looks like
Random shots that I've had on my phone, none of which have one of my pets or my face in it. I almost said me but there is one of those so… The first photo is from a part of a celebrity gossip magazine, if you didn't know (don't worry I don't watch the show either) Sean Lowe a bachelor reality guy got married to a lady from the show. Apparently he was a virgin or maybe abstaining until marriage and so this is the article about his honeymoon. If you read the title and subtitle, it makes me think that twelve year olds are in charge of the writing and editing at the magazine. 

Then next photo is of one day when the snow was still on the parking lots, at least a little snow anyways so it was impossible to see the lines. I think that I should have parked in some completely random way, and then used the excuse that I thought the lines were there, but of course in reality I just tried to see where everyone else was parking. 

The next photo is from my anthropology class partially because I want to document how my professor looks. He is always wearing a sweatshirt, has very long hair, that's dyed black with roots showing, and he lives in a very party area. Its kind of fun just to hear him talk, although I don't agree on most of the things in my anthropology class.

The next photo is from a physics lab when I discovered how far down the chairs are. I was going to add the picture to a blog post, but I sort of forgot, and sort of realized that it wasn't quite what I wanted to do. After that there's a photo of a string that I found on my jacket it came from my bathroom rug. It was with me all day and I didn't notice it until I was in my last class.

The last photo is of a sample I got in the mail. I used to look for samples all the time, but thanks to my current class load I barely even have time to update this space. Anyway this one is dishwasher detergent and I had to take a picture because they made it a smily face. 

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