Life Photo: Too much for Second Semester Year One

what's on my phone
In one of my food photo posts, I mentioned that I had well over a hundred pictures on my phone, and as it turns out a lot of them are school work. I've talked about how overwhelmed I am with school, and to be honest I don't know how much more of it I can' take, because if you remember I don't want to be an engineer  so for me there isn't any payoff for doing all of these hard classes, I'd be much happier sitting at home and blogging all day. Although, as it seems to most people that doesn't count as a real career choice. I'd like to think its like wanting to be an artist or a musician.  Most of these photos are just of work that I'm either sending to someone or I'm receiving so that I can check it against mine, or they can check mine against theirs. It seems unnecessary since work like this is worth so little, but it really can be make or break. There is one set of four photos that is quite important and that's my photos of a study guide that a girl made. I talked about this before, that she was nice enough to print out a study guide for me on a day that I had a lab. They took her forever to make and I'm not sure if I'd be that generous about helping someone out. Actually though that's a nice thing about my school, it doesn't have a whole lot of competition among students, so if you need help it's easy enough to ask. 

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