Life Photo: A Lot of my Face

girl face in a collage
So I was looking through my phone and noticed that I have a ridiculous number of photos of myself. I normally like to post them as a set of six, but if I had done that I'd never get those posts done. Plus I don't think I have enough to say about the photos to say anything about it.  On the first row there is only one interesting photo, the one from the Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week One. Its a selfie of me with my hair all up and looking not so great, after exercise actually I waited until I was at school to take it. 

On the next line I don't think there are any interesting photos, but there is proof that I wear my sponsored clothing pieces all on my own. You can see my purple bow sweater in the one on the far right and then in the middle left I'm wearing my Striped Sailor Shirt, that I haven't worn in quite some time, but is actually a summer favorite of mine. 

The next row is just more photos of my face. One I'm wearing that striped sailor shirt in again. The funny one though is on the end and its me pretending to be all sad. It looks almost like I'm going to try due to my talent, or more likely because I was looking into the bright light. 

After that row there is one photo I like and its the second one in. I'm just wearing a t-shirt and I have my hair all pulled to one side. Although its a little too edgy for me, it makes me think it'd be a nice look for me to have a partially buzzed hair cut… or maybe not.

The last photos I'm wearing my lens village circle lenses at least in one of them anyways. There's a selfie I tried to take with my cat and then a photo where I'm wearing my green Abercrombie sweatshirt. Although it doesn't look that great on me, its very comfortable. 

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