Learning to Play Bass from Big Hair

This is the second week in a row that I've had Big Hair since eight in the morning. The first of course was last week when we went to Grandpa Larry's swings. I'm starting to get a little suspicious of him, because he didn't put up a fight about it all. The only thing I can think is that he's trying to get a whole bunch of boyfriend points, and cash them in for a be a jerk to Hanna day. Anyway, shortly after he arrived we took a nap, and then napped until 11:30 when the phone rang (about my new cat!) which is when I got up. Big Hair however was still asleep, so I gave the Checker Dog a bath, and then tried to wake him up. It took like an hour to actually get him up, and after that we headed out. He did make me change out of my pajamas, although I was just going to wear them to aggregate him. 

Our first stop was McDonalds. We had texted his mother to see if anyone else wanted anything since it was freezing, and we figured they wouldn't want to leave their house. However no one answered so I got my Mcdouble and Big Hair his chicken nuggets. When we came home my dream girl was sitting there all sad because she was sick and no one had brought her food yet. Participation right?

Eventually his parents came, with food, and since they took over the living room Conner and I went to his music room so he could play his songs for me. Then after messing around with him while he was playing, pressing buttons and trying to touch strings. Then the "fun" came, where Big Hair taught me a scale. I held my (his) bass backwards like a pro and managed to do it, with what I'd call a lot of talent. To be honest though, I'm not even sure what a scale is...

After that we headed to Walmart to get a litter box, and wandered around a little bit until we saw a kid that we went to high school with, I wasn't really his friend but Big Hair knew him pretty well, and since he worked there we forced him into taking us to the right aisle. Although we did end up with a litter box it didn't have a hood, and its quite cheap seeming but again participation.  I did however drive there all by myself, and pump gas with only a little assistance.

When we came home to my house we had our regular, a cheese pizza. I tried to get him to look at a gossip magazine with me but that didn't work, so we went to the living room.  We watched south park which was "great". 

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