Katazoom Monogram Wall Decal

 Last week I was contacted by the people at Katazoom to do a review of one of their products with store credit. If you haven't heard of Katazoom its an online store specializing in wall decals. From browsing around their store, you can see that they have almost anything you can imagine. I saw trees, birds, clocks, names and quotes. All of these are completely customizable with over 60 color options available, and for a lot of the decals have size options as well. 

Since my roommate is a huge monogram fan, I decided I could get her this wall decal since I do owe her. Its actually a boys room one, but I personally loved the cleaner look it had as opposed to the very whimsical girl's one. For the colors I decided on a mint green base (I know it doesn't match the bed things but it was just so pretty) and a storm grey over it.
the steps for a wall decal
To apply, the first step which I did last night was  taking the monogram pieces out of the tube and lay them out flat so they loose their curl. I decided to put my old trigonometry book (from when I passed that math class). After that the instructions said to clean the wall with rubbing alcohol so I got a wash cloth and used the same rubbing alcohol I used to clean my face and mostly cleaned up the wall where I was going to put the decal. I then waited until the morning for the decal to be ready.

The first thing I did was rub this card against the decal to "reactivate" the stickiness and then sort of eyeballed where it should go. Once I got it in place I tapped the top and then started peeling off the back. After that I then had to peel off the surrounding white pieces. The instructions said not to do it from the side but that's the only way it worked for me.

After the initial was fully on it was time for the name and for this one I just peeled off the back and placed it where I sort of thought it should go. After placing it I used the credit card to get out all the bubbles, and I'm very happy with how the finished monogram wall decal looks.

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