I just want to thank YOU.

Covered Bridge in southern Indiana
I started out my day pretty well. I was forced to wake up at about seven, but that's because we were going to go to my grandparents' home. The plan was to finish my wood chest, but leaving home I already knew that wasn't going to happen. We had forgotten the stain. The whole way there, I slept, mostly because last night I was up watching The Walking Dead reruns and writing my New Years Resolutions

When we got there my parents basically threw me out of the car and headed down to their woods to see what was going on. So I talked to the sister cats before heading inside. When I came in though my grandmother had my Christmas gift for my since I was busy being at my boyfriend's family Christmas. My grandparents gave me this nice mug you see below as well as a gift card to Bath & Body Works, so I'll be able to do more reviews in the future!
After feeding the chickens and my parents talking to my grandparents about silly things like gardening for awhile we were ready to go. I then packed myself back into the truck and quickly fell asleep. I don't think, we were more than five minutes gone before I was out. I was awoken by my mother after about an hour of sleep, and she informed me that my very upset boyfriend had called while we all had our phones off. I'll save the whole story for a post in the future, but if you read you're reading my blog I just want to say thank you. Oh and by thank you, I don't mean that at all because, what you did was none of your business to get into.

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