How to Wear a Circle Skirt

Wearing a circle skirt
Just two weeks ago I did an outfit guide on How to Wear a Denim Shirt and since then I've been loving how they look, so I decided to add one to this guide on wearing a circle skirt, an old trend that seems to be coming back. Until I saw someone the other day wearing a circle skirt, I wouldn't have thought about them, but since it looked so cute on the girl I thought it would be a fun, girly casual outfit guide I could do, kind of to go along with my latest OOTD Bow Print Dress. Especially since they are both are outfits that are vintage with modern updates. 

  • Black Circle Skirt, Top Shop - So the first piece of this outfit of course is the circle skirt. I decided to go with a black one because its more wearable then some of the others I was and also kind of slimming.
  • Infinity Scarf, Modcloth - I haven't added an infinity scarf since my How to Dress like a Hipster Outfit Guide and I'm not sure why. With a your hair in a bun this red infinity scarf helps pull not only a feminine feel but also a retro one.
  • Sling Back Pumps, Valentino - There are two versions of this Valentino studded high heel shoes, and I have to say that I love both of them. They have just enough edge that they're interesting but not too much like my Chunky Heel Studded Shoes.
  • Leather Clutch - I have to say since I'm not a big purse carrier the idea of a clutch is very appealing. I mean it lets you have plenty of room for your phone keys and money but doesn't have so much space you feel like carrying a whole bunch of other things.
  • Chambray Shirt, Scotch & Soda - Well, as I mentioned before I have used a denim shirt recently, and it was actually this exact one. I just love the light color and the fact that you can easily roll up the sleeves, its the perfect form of a chambray shirt in my opinion. 

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