Homework, and Someone Parked Too Close

Sticker on a calculus answer sheet
 So today when I went to school, the roads were much better, although some of the K-12 schools south of there were still closed, and as I later found out will be tomorrow as well. Sine I went in early, a little before nine I was able to park fairly close, although it was colder than yesterday when I had to walk around the whole school. When I came in the building I sat down and started to do homework. When I do my work at school, rather than home I feel like I get twice as much accomplished in the same amount of time, so going in early really is worth it to me. When I was sitting there I saw this sticker for a website called study blue, I'm not really sure about the site but I'll use almost any sticker I'm given. Right before I went into my Anthropology class, one of my friends asked me to copy the linear homework and feeling generous I let him. 

The professor that has the class right before mine was talking to us about when school should have been canceled. I guess his car went in a ditch and he had to have another faculty member pick him up, and then walking in the building he slipped and fell. So I guess I could have had that happen.  My anthropology class ended up being a little boring, just talking about famous anthropological ideas and people, making me rethink that it will be an easy A and a good break from my "hard classes" Afterwards I went straight to doing my homework accomplishing everything for my calculus class all the way until Thursday. While I was sitting there I saw someone else from my linear class and while checking mine with her's noticed a mistake that I was able to fix, I'd like to think its Karma for helping out that boy this morning. About twenty minutes before class started I headed over to the room, and showed some of my friends these creepy messages that the math class boy who came onto me through the school message system sent me last night, all five of them with no replies from me. 
Pictures once a week Hanna Lei
 Then after class right as I sat down that same creepy kid came up and sat down next to me. I was already uncomfortable when this happened so after a few minutes of fumbling around with my phone I realized I had an hour until class, packed up all my things and told him I was going to the bathroom. He shouted after me saying I could have left my things. I went to the vending machine, played on the computer and then went to the bathroom and took these pictures of the week for Big Hair before heading towards class with about ten minutes until class started. Of course he was still sitting there, and after a few minutes of silence he asked me why "a girl like me wouldn't be with a guy like him" not a questioning way but rather a demanding one, and I was so taken aback that for a minute I didn't know what to say, and just got up and left after telling him no. When I told him I was twenty five last week, I thought that would do the trick (he's eighteen), and although he believed that, which I'm a little offended by since I'm nineteen it didn't work. I'm honestly afraid by the end of my college career I might have a real life stalker.
homecoming cup
 On the bright side I did pick up this homecoming cup. I don't really get homecoming but I'll admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't get the cup on Tuesday when they were first put out because the email was sent so late in the day that I didn't see it until after I was already home. So I was very excited to get one today, that is until I noticed exactly how cheap the cup is. Apparently it is like an Olive Garden kids cup, straw and all. Oh and since you can see part of my outfit, I might as well say the other half was my purple bow sweater. For the first time since school has started, I actually paid attention to my calculus class, and the most amazing thing happened, I understood everything.

 Class let out five minutes early, a big deal for that teacher and when I headed to my car I saw this. Someone had parked so close to me that I couldn't even open my door (I'm the silver car), as you can see they're clearly in my box something there is no excuse for since the spots are quite roomy. I had to get in through the passenger side crawl over to the driver's side. I was angry enough that I had thoughts of key scratching their car. Now that I think about it jumping up and down on the hood might have been a good idea as well.
black car over the parking line

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