Getting Ready for School After Winter Break

college books and backpack
 Tomorrow is my first day back at school after my first college length winter break. I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself because if you remember I had made what I would call a pledge saying I wouldn't play anymore online games, well I that I didn't play any technology games, not even once this break. I also did blog more over the break, playing a huge game of catchup for everything I had missed thanks to the stressful weeks leading up to my break. Unfortunately though that stress is all going to come back, maybe not tomorrow, but probably by next week.

The first thing I did to get ready for the new semester, was buy my books, all from, a site that I have mixed feelings about (maybe I'll do a review in the future), which all came in a few days ago. Today I decided to clean out my backpack, and by decided I mean waited until the last possible time to do it, because I thought it would be terrible. I was surprised though that it wasn't nearly as big of a mess as I thought it was going to be, and that Walmart Backpack I bought for my first semester of college, its holding up just fine.
homemade notecards
Here's all the papers that were inside, a few on the bottom were torn out of my notebooks, that way I'd have a fresh start, but I decided to leave in my Calculus notes from last semester in case I decide to reference them, which I might because I didn't know anything about anything when I was trying to do a math problem on Friday. Since my backpack cleaning didn't take too long, I had plenty of time to clean out my car, which my mother always says is a "pit" but other than my nest there really wasn't anything going on.

You might be wondering why I waited so long to gather up all my things, and I hate to admit it, but its because I just didn't want to think about school. The classes I'm taking are pretty stressful, and I put a lot of pressure on myself. Plus whenever I start new classes, I'm always worried, for no reason at all. I have to say though this worrying isn't as bad as last semester because I've got a new goal in mind (not one of my New Year's Resolutions) but something really big, I might be sharing here soon.

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