Food Photos: Snack Mix, Only one Salad

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Last week I think I was studying especially hard, so my father got me these snack mixes when he went to the gas station. Now that I think about it, the day was actually the snow day after my math classes were canceled. That means I was studying for calculus. As bad as it sounds I ate the whole bag in one sitting. 

For dessert after dinner one day my mother decided to make crepes  which for as simple as they are, make for a fantastic dessert. I guess they're just like pancakes with sugar on the top and in this case apple on the inside. 

The there was a dinner that I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It was sweet n sour chicken with rich and vegetables. The chicken was much better than the sweet n sour chicken I had the last time, but since that one was so bad it isn't saying much. I think though the real problem I had was the sauce on the rice. 

Next is mexican rice with vegetables. I though I really wanted to eat this, but only finished half of it because I ended up not really being in the mood. Luckily though this is one of the few times I've had salad lately so I'm getting a break on that.

After that is a burrito that I had for meatless monday, something you might have seen either on Instagram or week two of my Move Nourish Believe Challenge. It wasn't bad, and because there were two, I was able to save one for a later meal.

Last, is a picture that looks quite ugly, but tasted just fine. Pea soup and corn bread I'm not normally into having ham in the pea soup but it does need something to give it a different texture.

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