Food Photos: Singapore Hello Panda Cookies

I'm finally at my last food photos post that I had to do to catch up. Never again do I want to have to do five in one day. I swear I've spent all of today working on my blogging stuff although to be honest that isn't such a bad thing. The first food on my list is one that I got today, from Aldi, Chocolate Cremem filled Hello Panda cookies. They remind me of the Meiji Yan Yan.

Then there is a vending machine snack that I had at school this week. I was expecting it to be fantastic, better than the sun chips I normally get but I ended up being pretty disappointed. They were too dry and barely had any fruit like flavor. 

Then there is pizza that I've been wanting forever. By forever I actually mean a week, but the past few days I really wanted pizza. The one we ended up with is huge so it looks like I'll be having some tomorrow too. It doesn't' look all that pretty in the picture though, the cheese looks all wrinkled. 

A smoothie that I had because of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge that my momma made for me. It was much better than the orange one she made me because with that one I could feel all the skin stuff on it. With a banana one that didn't happen.  

Pork isn't normally a favorite food of mine, actually I think its my least favorite meat to eat based on the traditional American kid, but in a crock pot for hours it tasted pretty good. I especially liked the vegetables though there weren't enough of them. 

Last is a smoothie from Starbucks, an orange mango one, that didn't come from the engineering kid who bought me Starbucks. I did like it pretty well, but it was so thick I felt like I needed a spoon instead of a straw to drink it. 

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