Food Photos: Rosco's Tacos, Tacobell Sause

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Awhile back I had dinner at Rosco's Tacos actually last year, and just recently I had it again, ordering the same thing. I think its called a son of sampler and it comes with three tacos, a beef one, a chicken one and a pork one, with a side, its a lot of food and normally I have some to take home for a second dinner. I am super excited because they're opening a Rosco's Tacos, in another town nearby so I'm hoping that means the one I go to will be more open, because no matter when I go its always very crowded and there is almost nowhere to park. Its so hard getting a taco.

One below that is a pink drink I decided to try one day, instead of my normal zero calorie power aid. It cost a dollar extra, but I was so curious that I had to get it, and I wish I hadn't. It tasted like bubble gum flavored medicine and had a ton of calories. I ended up drinking half of it before I couldn't stand it anymore and threw it out.

Then I had chili, one of my all time favorite foods, with taco sauce on it. It does make for a different taste, and I'm not sure that I like it better, but it was still very good. I think if I could have chili once a week I'd be the happiest person ever, although I do have to say day three is my favorite. I'm actually planning on having some this week.

Then there is a vanilla ice-cream that I talked about in my Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week Two . I know its not the most healthy thing to eat eve. But I can't help myself because at burger king their less than a dollar, and who doesn't love ice cream?

Normally when I'm watching television I like to eat a snack, and since I really am trying to be healthier, I decided that instead of the usual popcorn I could go with an orange, so here it is. 

Last are Tacobell sauces that I was give to review. I'm not sure if I'm going to end up doing a review on my blog or not because that wasn't really a part of the whole thing (trust me they're making me do a ton of other things), so we'll see. 

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