Food Photos: Noodles with Vegetables Frozen Dinner

food that I eat
The first thing on the list is a frozen dinner that I had quite awhile ago. I know that its not a good thing to admit, but I absolutely love having frozen dinners. They're so easy to make and have everything I could ask for its genius. This one is different than the average TV Dinner I eat, for one because its circular. On the inside is noodles corn and peppers, all of it tasted fairly fresh too.

Next up is tacos that I had with a new sauce that I might be blogging about later, I got it the same way I did that Fiber one Protein Cereal. Anyways I loved the tacos. They were simple just beans and cheese but still very good.

As you know for some reason or another my family does like a lot of Indian things and apparently I like to wear Indian dots . Well these are a handful of snack food that my father got from an indian grocery near where he works. They were good but a little spicy for me.

They there is another one of those homemade pizzas that have been around for awhile for me anyways. They aren't my favorite ever pizzas but any pizza is better than none . That reminds me that sometime this weekend I really want to eat some.

My vending machine food this semester. A zero calorie power aid and sun chips. I like to tell myself that since my drink has no calories that means I'm "on a diet" and the sun chips just taste so good.

Last is the photo that I almost put as the big one, and that's this soup. Its a chicken noodle creamy type of thing. It was so good, but unfortunately not a very pretty picture. 

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