Food Photos: Fun Day at School, Subway

what I eat in school
I know I talked about making a bear at school, and how we also had food. Well here are two of those food photos, somehow I didn't manage to take a picture of the cotton candy though. The first thing I got was a slushy with no spoon so it was impossible to eat, when we were almost done a professor walked by and was like "with your blue teeth you two should take a picture" to my friend and I, which of course we were embarrassed about. Then I had a popcorn, and went to do the fun activities but saw the cotton candy on the way. After fun thing were done, I got another slushy and popcorn which may have been against the rules. 

The next thing on my food photo list is some type of candy bar that I had. It was actually way towards the top of my photos but somehow I missed it early on. You can also see an orange in the background so I'd like to think that makes this a fairly healthy snack. 

Next is a subway sandwich that you saw on my second week of Move Nourish Believe.  I absolutely love subway sandwiches and could literally eat five foot longs. I'm not sure what it is, since they are really something I could make on my own, just vegetables and ranch, maybe though its the breading. 

Next is rice soup that my mother made me. She loves using leftovers so that's exactly what it was. I do think it would have been even better though if it had spinach leaves in it, a food that I'm beginning to like a lot. 

Last is a pop tart I had before taking my 171 test. I saw it in my bag that it had been there a few days, from when I was supposed to eat it as a snack and since I was hungry I ate it on Thursday. Too bad by that time it was all broken up and a lot harder to manage. 

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