Food Photos: Enzo's Pasta

Franklin IN Enzo Food
Well. I know the place in Franklin is called Enzo's Pizza but since I had pasta there, I'm sticking with my title. I went there after my doing my floral sweatshirt outfit guide, not right after, but quite a bit later I think. Originally I had wanted taco bell but was overruled and that ended up being just fine because Enzo's was great. I had a house salad and Fettuccine Alfredo pasta as well as bread sticks. The bread sticks were almost as good as those at olive garden.

Then there was a very normal fast meal of mine. Salad with iceberg lettuce spinach cheese little carrots and ranch dressing, french fries, with ranch dressing and these amazing chicken patties also with ranch dressing. Normally I don't like breading on food, but for whatever reason, those I love.

Then there was another vending machine meal, similar to what I had when school should have been canceled. I think this one is pretty healthy though since it has sun chips and orange juice. I've decided I need to start drinking more.

One thing I didn't like were these hash browns. They were way over cooked, and I had about three days worth of them, so not only was it dinner but also some lunches. The green beans though were great.

Last is a school snack that my father brings back from his washington trips. I tend to save them for nap time in my car but since I haven't been doing that lately I just ate it as a snack. I have one more to go before I'm out. 

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