Food Photos: Engineering Crave Case

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The first food on the list, is a white castle cheese burger that I talked about getting, but anyways here's how it went. We were all done with physics and waiting to go to our computer programing class, when someone had the smart idea that we could call one of the people who wasn't there yet and have them get us a crave case and we'd all split the money. It ended up being a great idea, since I got three white castles for very cheap.

That chili cheese hot dog is from dairy queen, and the only thing that I seem to get there anymore. My dad had Monday off so we decided that would be a good lunch since I didn't have to be at school until later. I love that their hotdogs have a thicker casing, although that may be even more unhealthy. 

Next is my soup from the Habitat for Humanity Soup Bowl. It was a bacon and cheddar kind of thing with broccoli, fairly thick and very good. For my bread I went with a bread stick and picked up the lemon bread at random for dessert. 

Dinner the other night were these oddly shaped pasta pieces with red tomato sauce, broccoli and cooked carrots with naan bread. Everything was pretty good, but my favorite was the naan bread, I could eat about two pounds of it in one sitting. 

My school snack before I got my half priced pizza was a drink and pretzels, both from the vending machine. The pretzels were good, but I thought the drink was going to be apple juice and it turned out being some weird cranberry thing that wasn't bad but just not what I wanted.

Last is a generic packaged pastry, that's the only way I know how to describe it without calling it a pop tart knockoff. It wasn't quite as good as the real thing but it smelled a whole lot better, I did eat it in my anthropology class. 

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