Food Photos: Canned Vegetable Soup, Last Fastfood?

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If you haven't noticed, I'm really backlogged on my what I've been eating posts. This is the third one I've posted today and I'm hoping by some chance that I'll be able to get the rest up as well, although that would almost take a miracle. The first thing on the list is a canned soup that I'm sure I had before one of my school days. It was easy to make and I'm sure it was quite good because they always are. 

Then there is a vending machine treat that I had with my Poweraid zero and a package of two nutty  bars. If you didn't know those are just chocolate outside and peanut butter on top of a cracker on the inside. Basically the best snack food ever, although I know I shouldn't be eating it.

Next was something that although was super healthy for me I wasn't a fan of at all. The soup is some kind of garden thing, that I wish I could remember, and the wrap beside it is an all vegetable thing. I thought I would at least like the wrap but I guess not.

After that is a snack that I shouldn't be eating all that often, pop tarts. For the longest time I couldn't stand the strawberry ones because I had them for such a long time but now we're back together, and I'm sure that's not great for me. I promise I'll get on the Move Nourish Believe thing

Then a photo that you've seen before from my Move Nourish Believe week two. So you've seen it three places, now I guess if you're following me on Instagram. I really liked it though, and it is very healthy. Beans of different kinds, tomatoes and celery, plus a little taco bell sauce to spice it up. 

Last is something I don't plan on having for a long while and that's fast food. I seriously love having cheeseburgers at places like that, but its very unhealthy and not very environmentally friendly, so if I change nothing else about my eating habits it'll be that. 

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